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Raptors Searching for Winning Formula

Zan in the Key

Fans Get it Right

The fan voting for All-Star games in sports has a tendency to go terribly wrong. Players get in who have name value and often the most deserving players do not make it.

Well, the fans got it right this year (at least in the East) where Kyle Lowry was voted in over Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat.

Kyle Lowry was voted into the All-Star game by the fans and found out with his teammates in Philly.

Kyle Lowry was voted into the All-Star game by the fans and found out with his teammates in Philly.

Nothing against Wade, he is actually having a decent year, but Lowry has been phenomenal. He is the heart and soul of the Raptors and has led them to top spot in the Atlantic Division and top three in the East.

He deserves to be there.

It was great timing to see the team receive this news while in Lowry’s hometown of Philadelphia. The team got together and watched the announcement live together at Lowry’s offseason home.

Kudos as well to Raptor Nation who came together at the 11th hour and helped Lowry overcome a huge deficit in votes to reach the spot as starter. If Bieber actually understood how twitter works Lowry would have won by a much larger margin.

Raptor fans are the best! We The North!

Finding the Right Formula

The Raptors had a rough home stand and got off to rough starts against both the Sixers and Pistons

Until Sunday night, DeMar DeRozan was not the same player that started this NBA season. In the first month of the season he looked like a sure-fire All Star before injuring his adductor longus tendon.

Before the injury DeRozan was hitting shots, driving the lane, getting to the foul line and making life incredibly difficult for opposing defences.

DeRozan has struggled since coming back, but is slowly beginning to find his form. He is a key for the raps going forward.

DeRozan has struggled since coming back, but is slowly beginning to find his form. He is a key for the raps going forward.

Since returning he hasn’t looked the same. He wasn’t able to get buckets in the lane, he was settling for jump shots and he wasn’t getting to the charity stripe (a huge part of his game).

The last two games have seen DeRozan play more like he did in the early part of the year. In the last two games he has scored 49 points and more importantly has taken 23 free throw attempts during those two wins. In the previous 7 games, since his return, he had only managed 22 free throw attempts. The difference has been huge.

Raptor fans are clearly going to have to be patient with DeRozan, but the signs are there that he is returning to form.

Not coincidently, the games that DeRozan has played at his best have ended in Raptor wins.

Shake it Up

The starting lineup has gone through a few incarnations this year with DeRozan hurt, but it may be time to shake it up on a more consistent basis. Terrence Ross has been far from his best the last few weeks in the starting five and may be better coming off the bench.

Amir Johnson might need a move as well.

This isn’t to say they are not useful players or that they don’t have a purpose late in games, but the raptors have been getting off to terrible starts (as they did on Friday and again last night) and cannot keep doing that. The Raps might be able to get away with a sloppy start against the Pistons or the Pacers, but there is no way they can do that down the stretch against teams they are fighting for position with.

Terrence Ross has been dreadful of late. There have been countless blogs out there bashing Ross and it’s hard to argue with many of them. He just hasn’t been effective. In fact, the last two games he played important valuable minutes coming off the bench. He still had opportunities to hit open threes and his defense looked sound against the second unit. He seems better suited to playing without the pressure.

Greivis Vasquez has been great when called upon to spot start for Terrence Ross. His three-point shooting opens the floor and he is able to allow Kyle Lowry more shot opportunities by playing the point. This might be the way to go moving forward.

Patrick Patterson, likewise, may have earned himself a starting spot as the “go-to” big for the Raptors. He is consistently closing out games for the team and might be a better choice to start them as well. He is defensively sound, makes smart plays and has the ability to really stretch the floor.

Despite his excellent play against the Pistons and again last night against the Pacers, Amir looks wounded to me. He could use a stint on the bench to get himself healthy and playing fewer minutes every game will keep him fresh come playoff time.


Casey called out his team this week for a perceived lack of effort. Ross and Valanciunas have been the biggest targets of that anger, but as a whole the team seems to be waiting for the problems to fix themselves and they’ve consistently played down to the level of their opponent.

Casey was right to call them out. Since DeMar has come back this team seems to be on auto-pilot. They are going through the motions and possibly assumed that DeMar’s return would immediately rectify any issues they were having. It has not.

The Raptors responded against the Pistons and held on for a big victory, They looked much better last night on the road in Indiana but in the words of Chris Rock “that’s what you’re supposed to do”. The Raps are supposed to beat these teams, they shouldn’t be overly confident because of wins they are supposed to get. Now comes another stretch of games against inferior opponents. The team must take advantage of the schedule or risk falling in the East.

Flagrant 2

I want to start off by saying I think Dwane Casey has done a great job as coach of the raptors this season. He’s got the team working hard, he preaches defense and trusts his best players to make the winning plays at the end of the game.

But what the hell is doing with Jonas Valanciunas?

Jonas has been a consistently solid post presence for the Raptors and has been begging for more playing time, but his minutes have been consistently inconsistent. Even in a game where he is shooting over 50% he is pulled out for large stretches of the game, especially in the fourth quarter. This was the case again on Sunday where Casey yanked Jonas in the fourth quarter in favour of a smaller lineup, even though the “Big Lithuanian” was dominating the paint for the Raptors.

Yes, the matchup against a smaller Detroit team didn’t make sense during the fourth quarter, but Jonas earned those minutes. Casey should have put Jonas back in the game during the fourth quarter when Amir was struggling. Of course Amir hit the big free throws at the end of the game, but it should have been Jonas in the game.

This is a player the team is likely going to build with going forward. He is very hard to guard inside for most opponents and his defensive game is getting better.

Yes he gets into foul trouble (as he did last night), and yes he can become a little too “complainy” with the officials, but this is a 7″2′ monster inside the paint. He scorched the Pistons inside on Sunday night and then sat out the 4th quarter. He did the same against the Pistons on Jan. 12th and has the potential to do it to any team on any given night. The Raptors should be looking for Jonas early, as they did on Sunday night, and cannot forget about him in the second half.

Jonas deserves more time.

Kristoffer Pedlar
Zan Tabak Herald

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A Sort of Super Sunday for Raptors

So it wasn’t an epic victory in Miami, but the game did provide Raptor fans with some things to be happy with.  The effort was there the entire game.  Even when Miami went up by 16 points and looked to be driving a stake through the heart of the Raps, they battled back and made it more than just close.  With 3 minutes left they had the opportunity to take the lead.  In the end they came up just short.

Even without Andrea Bargnani they looked good against one of the best in the league.  They shot the ball well, distributed it to the right people and held everyone not named James or Wade in check.

The loss was tough, no doubt, but it showed that Raptors have potential to hang with the best, especially when they stick to a game plan.

Now they just need to bring this effort against teams they should be beating.  Sometimes the Raptors get themselves jacked up for a meeting with the Elite teams in the league like the Bulls and Heat and then disappear against teams they should beat like the Bucks and Bobcats.

On Monday the Raptors will travel to Washington.  A message needs to be sent.  No second night of a back to back excuse, just hard work.  Fans are not expecting a great number of wins this season, but they are expecting consistent effort.  Let’s make it three in a row.

It wasn't an easy day at the office for Lebron and the Heat. The Raptors fought tooth and nail, but came up a bit short in the 4th quarter.

Zan for Three

The In-Between World of Demar Derozan

It has been an all over the place kind of year for Demar Derozan.  He has shown on occasion that he is a legit scoring threat in this league and other nights he looks completely invisible and irrelevant.  On Super Sunday he was the best we’ve seen him this year.

Derozan was up against a pretty formidable wing for the Heat and he held his own.  Yes, he was shredded on defense but that can certainly be forgiven.  What he did on the offensive end was phenomenal.  he shot 50% from the field and got to the line almost as much as Lebron and Wade.  That’s pretty impressive stuff.

More importantly, he was battling.  He was chasing down loose balls, drawing contact and letting the game come to him.  We’ve seen him forcing the issue far too much this year and that has not served him well.  Today he looked like he was in the flow of the offense and he was the focal point for most of the game.

Demar may or may not ever become an elite superstar (something debated on the Fan590 after the game), and it’s not clear the Raptors need him to become one.  They need him to become a consistent threat, they need him to create his own shot and they need him to get to the line on a consistent basis.  On Super Sunday, Demar looked like he could do all of those.  Now he just has to make a habit of it.


I loved what Coach Casey did with the rotation today.  I’ve seen enough Rasual Butler and Jamal Magloire to last me a lifetime.  They, thankfully, have been sent to the bench for spot duty where they should be.  Minutes are finally going to players that have A) trade value or B) a future with this team.

Plus Casey is getting a great effort out of his shorter rotation.

Ed Davis for 30 minutes?  Yes Please. This kid has talent, plays defense and is now back to working hard.  Whether he succeeds or falls flat on his face he needs minutes so that we can find out what exactly he is.

More James Johnson?  That’s what I’m talking about! Johnson is a valuable commodity either in a trade or off the bench.  He provides energy, defensive intensity, and rebounding ability.  His work today on Chris Bosh was a thing of beauty.

Also great to see Bayless get some burn, especially because without Bargnani, he is our main offensive threat.  He is shooting the ball with confidence and if he can work a little on his shot selection and decision-making he’ll be a nice piece off the bench.

Casey is starting to let these players have more time and is subsequently seeing what they are made of.  So far, the results have been up and down, but the results are beginning to show.

Return of the Mack

I wasn’t able to write about it after the Washington game, but it has been nice to see Amir Johnson return to form these last two games.  18 points and 13 boards against the Wizards and another 6 boards today.  He certainly wasn’t as productive from a stat standpoint but in the fourth quarter when the Raptors were making their charge, Amir was right in the thick of it.  He was active on defense and was involved on the offensive end.

Amir is a player that the Raptors see big things for going forward.  He is a nice piece coming off the bench or starting and with 6 NBA seasons under his belt and being only 24 years of age he is a bit of a rare commodity in the NBA.  He’s a veteran trapped in a youngsters body.

He is part of the core going forward and it is important that he get his game back on track.  He is a solid defender (when he’s not fouling people), a potent offensive weapon (with a mid range jumper and his ability to run a beautiful pick and roll), and he’s a great guy to have in the locker room.

Lets hope he’s got himself under control and the issues he was facing are being dealt with.

Zan of the Game

Demar Derozan

He’s back! We think.  A gret offensive performance against a tough opponent.  Now all he has to do is repeat his effort against the Wizards.  Watch our Rashard Lewis!

Not Zan of the Game

Chris Bosh

Now there were players that had worse nights statistically.  I mean Miller had a rough shooting night, Battier was a non-factor and Jamal Magloire stole a rebound from his own teammate at one point in the second half.  That being said, Chris Bosh had a rough day at the office.  He did not shoot the ball well (3-13) and James Johnson gave him fits all game long.  If I’m Chicago or Boston or Philly this is a game I might watch again.  Just to see how Chris Bosh was contained for four quarter.  If I’m those teams I also might make a phone call to Bryan Colangelo and see whether this Johnson guy is available for the stretch drive.


Kristoffer Pedlar

The Zan Tabak Herald


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Sonny Weems leads the Revolution

Sonny Weems is a Viking and he doesn’t even know it.

Wether or not his decision to sign with Zalgiris in Lithuania influenced anyone is besides the point.  His move was the first of what could be many players heading to Europe on extended leaves of absence until the NBA lockout is settled.

The move is obviously a pre-emptive strike to avoid being left out in the cold during the upcoming NBA season that could be entirely wiped out with a prolonged lockout.  Players would get rusty and skittish sitting around not playing.  In Europe they can burn their competitive fires while waiting for David Stern to figure out this whole mess.  Sounds like a pretty good way to pass the time while the owners and Player reps figure things out back here.

News followed this week that Deron Williams of the New jersey Nets is close to a deal with Turkish club Besiktas.  Kobe Bryant may also follow suit with a stint in Europe.

So has Sonny Weems started a revolution?  It only takes one player making the move and others start to follow.  Will moves such as these put a little more pressure on the owners to settle a fair contract?

Sonny Weems is leading the charge of NBA players to Europe after signing a deal with Zalgiris in Lithuania.

Only time will tell.

Obviously a Deron Williams or Kobe Bryant is going to get more notice than a Sonny Weems.  But good on Sonny for making the move while his contract status with the Raptors and for that matter his entire role with the team is in considerable question.

Sonny clearly has quite a bit to gain from playing overseas during the lockout and may turn it into a lengthy contract if/when he decides to return.  Other players are looking at his decision and realize that it may be in their best interest to keep the fires burning in Europe while David Stern, Derek Fisher and the owners figure out how much more Lebron James and Dwayne Wade can get in a new CBA.

Sonny’s move may also help his NBA club in Toronto.  The Raptors have a new coach with a very clear defensive philosophy.  Sonny Weems is a player that has played, pretty much, the best defense on this team over the last couple of seasons. He could become a valuable asset in coach Dwane Casey’s arsenal as a defensive specialist.

By playing overseas, Sonny is also going to remain in game ready shape and when he comes back to the NBA after the lockout he will be ready to play against the sluggish NBA vets that have been sitting around for months.  The travel and opportunity to play with European vets may also help his game and attitude mature.

Weems made the right decision for himself and he is inspiring others to do the same.  It would be a shame to see the Young Onez broken up next year (if there is a next year), but Weems will likely reap the benefits of playing in Europe.  He’ll score more, become more of a number one scoring option and is likely to be one of the better players in the league.

This gives him huge leverage when the lockout ends (if it ever ends).  Plus he’ll get an up close and personal look at Jonas Valciunas in action.  Isn’t that what we all want right now?

So ladies and gentlemen, Sonny Weems is leading the revolution.  NBA players are headed to Europe.  When this time in NBA history is played back Deron Williams or Kobe Bryant will get most of the credit for leading the charge to Europe the way Christopher Columbus got most of the credit for being the first European to discover America.  We all know the Vikings were there long before 1492 and we all know it was really Sonny that made the first move to Europe.

Sonny Weems is a Viking.

Good luck to Weems in Lithuania( or should I say Sekmes) He’ll likely end up making more money when he comes back and may even become a better player for it, if he doesn’t let being a number one option over there turn him into a black hole back here.  If nothing else Sonny’s European vacation will give Raptor fans even more reason to subscribe to Lithuanian television during the lockout and maybe cancel League Pass.

Kristoffer Pedlar
Zan Tabak Herald

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Ex Raptors become X-Factors in Round Two

As round two begins in the NBA, we’ve said goodbye to a few old allies.  Jarrett Jack and Marco Belinelli have packed their bags after a very succesful first round series against the Lakers.  Matt Bonner had a disappointing first round with San Antonio as they were bounced by the Grizzlies and Roy Hibbert and TJ Ford find themselves spectators as round two begins.

As the second round begins,  a few former Raptor favourites could tip the scales in their second round series.  Let’s take a look at the key Ex-Raptors that will likely be X-Factors for their respective teams.

Miami vs. Boston

The Big three vs. the Big Three.  This is a dream matchup for the NBA and any fan who enjoys good basketball.  We know that Lebron and Wade are going to score in bunches and we know that Ray Allen will be tossing key three pointers throughout the series and Kevin Garnett will be intense.  What we don’t know is how Chris Bosh will play against some really tough playoff competition.

If Miami has dreams of championship glory, they will need Chris Bosh to fight like he has never fought before.

Chris Bosh will be the key to winning this series for Miami.  Bosh has played very well thus far against Philly, but he is about to match up against Kevin Garnett who he has never played well against.  He will also have to play against the likes of Big Baby and Jermaine Oneal.  These are not finesse players.  They get dirty and fight with everything they have for a loose ball or a rebound.

If Chris Bosh is to be successful against these tough players he is going to have to channel is inner Reggie Evans and JYD.  Bosh needs to be less finesse and more banger.  He will need to fight like he has never fought before and be the player that keeps possessions alive and gives Wade and Lebron second chances.

On the flip side, Boston will rely heavily on Jermaine O’neal.  There likely won’t be a Shaq appearnce until later on in the series so Jermaine will be handed the task of containing Chris Bosh.  This is someone he knows quite well from his days in the T-dot.

Jermaine O’neal has been through the rigors of playoff basketball and is no newcomer to intensity in the playoffs.  His Indiana teams played their fare share of tough games.  He will need to be defensively sound and provide help defense when Lebron and Wade bust through the key.  If you need a hard foul to send a message, Jermaine O’neal is your guy.  He backs down from no one and may be the last line of defense for the Celtics.  He will be a key if the Celtics hope to head to the Eastern Conference Finals.

If Bosh can find that inner fight, Miami wins this series.  If he gets bullied on the glass by Garnett and O’neal and is shut down on the offensive end then it will be a second round exit for the boys from South Beach.

Dallas vs. LA Lakers

This series will be a shoot out.  Scoring is going to happen in bunches and defense will likely take a back seat as it often does in Dallas.  The mavericks have a number of players that can score in bunches in Nowitzki, Terry and Jason Kidd.  These three will score but might have trouble keeping up with Kobe, Gasol and Bynum.  If they are going to keep up, they will need their supporting cast members to step up.

Enter Shawn Marion and Peja Stojakovic.  These two players have the offensive skill set to be deadly to an opposing team.  While the defense focuses on Dirk and Terry,  Peja and Marion will likely get their fair share of good looks.  Marion is a player that makes those around him better.  He can pass effectively, shoots the ball well and knows how to get to the foul line (a valuable asset in the playoffs).  Peja Stojakovic has enjoyed a resurgence with Dallas and simply needs to stand on that three-point line and deliver.

Neither player was in Toronto for very long so we never had the chance to see them at their best.  But this is the playoffs an both are very familiar with the battles of playoff ball.  If used properly these players will help Dallas overthrow the defending champs.

Throw in “Almost Raptor” Tyson Chandler and you have an absolutely lethal rotation that can beat you in a number of different ways.

If Dallas spreads the floor, shares the ball and gets plenty of supporting effort from their bench they will win the series.  If the bench can’t contribute against the defending champs then the Lakers will continue their quest for another title.

Atlanta vs. Chicago

Do not underestimate the Atlanta Hawks.  Pundits and “experts” are already counting them out.


They are a young team finally coming into their own and might surprise the Bulls, who looked a little sluggish against Indiana.  This is a Hawks team that was able to defeat a pretty good team in Orlando.

Although I expect the Bulls to win the series I think it will be a longer  series than anyone thinks.

Watch out for Al Horford.  He will be a tough matchup for Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah inside. He is tough to match up against in the post and provides sturdy defense that could give Chicago’s Bigs fits on the inside.

The ex-Raptor to watch here is Chuck Swirsky, who may just faint when his team reaches theEastern Conference finals.  If the Bulls win he’ll likely look more lost than Tomas Kaberle during the Bruins game 7 celebration earlier this week.

It is likely that the Salami and Cheese will be brought out for the Hawks.

Oklahoma vs. Memphis

This series has no Raptor connections, but the Raptors should take note of these young teams and how they have built themselves into winning franchises.  It wasn’t long ago that a 22 win season was considered a success for the Thunder and Grizz.  These teams were able to build themselves back into contenders and the Raptors should hope they follow a similar path.

Neither of these teams became a success overnight and they surely didn’t do it by trading draft picks or signing  a slew of veteran players to bad contracts.  They built themselves slowly through the draft and then added veteran pieces to compliment those young players.

Watching Durant, Westbrook and Ibaka face Randolph, Gasol and Conely could very well be what Raptor fans will see in a few years from Derozan, Davis and Amir.

In terms of X-Factors for this series I would go with Shane Battier and Kendrick Perkins.  Perkins has been a non-factor thus far in the playoffs but he will need to help lead this young team as they focus on Playoff advancement.  He’s been through the wars before and they will need him to help contain the beast that is Randolph. Hopefully he wakes up soon or the surging Grizzlies might be too difficult to defeat.

Lots to watch as a Raptor fan, as some old friends will likely be keys to the teams that ultimately prevail.


Kristoffer Pedlar

The Zan Tabak Herald
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Who’s your Team in the 2011 Playoffs?

With the Raptors season now a distant memory, the basketball fan in me has to find a team to cheer for, a team to really get behind.  A team that will let me feel the ups and downs of a true fan with some sort of authenticity. I love watching basketball but it is way more fun when you have someone to cheer for.

Last year I chose Atlanta and Phoenix and it was a fun playoff to watch.  I a little heartbroken when Nash and company were eliminated after a surprise filled run.  Was it worth the feeling the morning after, watching a game go into the early morning on a Wednesday?  Yup.

So this year, who do I cheer for?

There are lots and lots of talent to cheer for in the Eastern Conference.  Could I get behind a guy like Derek Rose and his jaw dropping play?  For sure.  Or do I want to support the original Big Three in Boston? or the Evil Empire that calls Miami home?  or do I take a relative underdog that might surprise a few people?

I still Like Atlanta and their young team.  Kirk Hinrich has given the young scorers on that team a level headed leader.  Definitely a possible upset or two in the Dirty South this year.

In the West my usual choice would be Steve Nash and the Suns, but alas they weren’t good enough to get the job done this year.

So who now?

Dallas?  They’ve got some great talent and a veteran cheif calling the shots in Jason Kidd; a guy you just can’t hate.

San Antonio?  Old reliable. A team that quietly goes about their business and one that has Matt Bonner a definite favourite of mine and Raptor fans alike.

Then there are the defending champs from LA.  My hatred of the Celtics led me to cheer for them last year, but this is not my favourite team.  Kobe this past week irked me quite a bit with his homophobic slur and half hearted apology.  They’re not looking like defending champs and they might not be around very long. Not that I would be greatly disappointed.

Then there are your long shots.  The Thunder are exciting and the acquisition of Kendrick Perkins was designed for this time of year.  Kevin Durant is a great player to wach and provides a lot of excitement.  As does Chris Paul in New Orleans or LaMarcus Aldridge in Portland.

So who’s it gonna be.

In the West, I’m going with the Thunder.  They’re young, exciting and humble.  Kendrick Perkins is a game changer for them.  I think they will surprise the Spurs and Mavs in the West.  Watch out for this team because they have a chance to go all the way and do it while playing very exciting basketball.

Kevin Durant is one of the most exciting players out there and Russell Westbrook looks ready to bust out this year.  They might not make it all the way but they’re a team I can get behind.  They remind me of what I dream the Raptors to one day be.  And in Oklahoma you get an absolutely basketball-mad environment as your backdrop.  It writes itself.  GO Thunder!

Is there a team more hated in the NBA than the Miami Heat? This spring Im cheering for Anyone but Maimi.

In the East I’m taking an “ABM” mentality.  That would be “Anyone But Miami”.

There is nothing like an NBA playoff series with a clear villain.  Miami is that villain.  Everyone outside of South Beach, where Lebron took his talents, will be cheering against the Big 2.5.  Add me to that list.

I hate these guys.  I hate their attitude, their over confidence, their cocky swaggar, the referees love of blowing the whistle for everything that comes within a foot of them.  It’s everything I hate about the league wrapped up into one team.

So therefore: Go 76ers! Go Celtics! Go Bulls!  ABM!  Anyone but Miami!

If I’m calling a specific team to beat them I’d have to go with Boston or Chicago.  Chicago is the team I think will do it.  They have the same amount of scoring power, but Chi-town also has a strong inside game that Miami cannot contend with.

Carlos Boozer + Joakim Noah > Chris Bosh and Zydrunas Ilgauskas.

The greatest call of the playoffs will hopefully be when Chuck Swirsky gets out the Salami and Cheese for Lebron and his buddies.

So, for the next month and a half I’ll be sitting in front of my TV watching and cheering for the Thunder and Anyone but Miami!

Who are you cheering for?


Kristoffer Pedlar

The Zan Tabak Herald
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Bulls Teach Young Raptors a Lesson

So that was ugly, wasn’t it?

Once it was confirmed that Andrea Bargnani wasn’t going to play because of a sore left knee, the Raptors were pretty much destined for an ass whooping.  This one got ugly by the half, but credit where credit is due, the young Raptors showed some fight and there is reason for hope for the future.

Chicago is arguably one of the top four or five teams in the East and, with Carlos Boozer back in the lineup, they are a hard team to beat each and every night.  The Bulls have a tough as nails coach, in Tom Thibodeau, who preaches defense and a young core that seems to be growing well together.

The Raptors should take notice.  This is a team they should try to build themselves in the mould of.

Zan For Three

2010 Free Agency Redux

So looking back at the circus that was the 2010 free agency period Lebron and Wade remain the biggest pick ups and are starting to make a tremendous difference with the Miami Heat.  They are beginning to be everything they were advertised to be but how about the pick up of Amare Stoudamire and Carlos Boozer?

Much was made of Lebron, Bosh, Wade and Amare but Boozer was almost a forgotten bridesmaid during that time.  His off-season injury also erased him from our minds during the first part of the season.  He is back and he is kicking some serious ass.

Carlos Boozer was unstoppable tonight at the ACC. He almost single-handedly defeated he Raptors. There simply was no way to stop Boozer on Wednesday night.

Boozer is, by far, the best player on the court for his team and that is saying something with a starting five that looks the way it does in Chicago.  Miami may have built a winning culture in South Beach, but Chicago picked up a piece that really puts them over the edge.

Forget that he dominated Amir Johnson and Joey Dorsey.  These are not playoff calibre power forwards yet.  Boozer’s dominance inside makes him a very tough match up going into any playoff matchup.  Bosh vs. Boozer?  I’ll take Boozer.  Horford vs. Boozer? I’ll take Boozer .  Kevin Garnett might be the only one who can shut him down, and he’s a bit slower and maybe not as tough.

Watch out Eastern Conference.  This guy is going to make a big difference this year.

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Jay Triano and his staff should be paying close attention to what Tom Thibodeau and his staff are doing in Chicago.  This is a team that can score, but man is their defense good.  Chicago allows their offense to dictate their offense and the Raptors still haven’t figured that out yet.

The Bulls forced stops on the defensive end and turned them into points on the offensive end.  The Raptors are still trying to out-shoot their opponents.  This strategy doesn’t work very often, if ever.

It’s time Colangelo, Triano and the rest of the organization look at teams like Boston and Chicago and start imitating what they see.  The players in Boston and Chicago both bought into Thibodeau’s system and have reaped the benefits.  Why would the Raptors not want to try the same philosophy?

Obviously a change of team philosophy requires some new players, and possibly coaches, but it may be something that the “big Wigs” of MLSE should seriously consider.  That is, of course, if they’re interested in winning at all.

Silver Lining

Tonight Sucked.  Let’s just call a spade a spade and move on.  We are not in the calibre of a team like Chicago.  We are not.  Plain and simple.  However tonight provided some opportunities to be hopeful and look, positively, into the future.

Joey Dorsey (12 pts and 13 reb on 5-8 shooting in 29 minutes)

This is an impressive stat line from the young power forward out of Memphis.  Yes, some of those points were scored in garbage time, but he is resembling something the Raptors may want to take a chance on.  He is a big body and possess some post-up skills and might be worth investing in.  He showed some fight tonight and banged inside against some pretty tough interior players.

Jarryd Bayless ( 20 pts and 4 Assists in 33 minutes)

Bayless has been the engine on offense.  Although many of us would like to see a point guard pass the ball a little more, he has played well since being acquired from New Orleans.  He is resembling more of a shooting guard, but this kid is 22 years old and certainly has some upside.  He gets to the rim, can shoot and is serviceable on the defensive end of the floor.

Ed Davis (10 pts on 5/9 shooting, 10reb, in 32 minutes)

His first start as a Raptor and he played well in spurts.  He was overmatched inside by Chicago’s bigs but Davis held his own against some pretty admirable talent.  This kid is going to be a decent NBA player.  I like the look of him, I like the way he plays the game.  He doesn’t force the issue and will only get better and better.  If the team, as I suggested earlier, starts looking at the defensive side of the ball then Davis could be a key player moving forward.  Definitely something to look forward to.

Zan of the Night

Carlos Boozer

The man is an absolute beast.  I would not want to meet him in an alley or in the paint.  He scares me and even thinking of him tonight gives me shivers.  He absolutely dominated the inside tonight and basically took whatever he wanted from the Raptor bigs.  Amir Johnson was his play toy tonight and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

Not Zan of the Night

Amir Johnson

Hey dude, I love you as a player.  On this current Raptor squad, you’re probably my favourite player, but tonight was not your night.  Mama told you there’d be days like this.  More fouls than points, not a lot of minutes for you out there because of the foul trouble and not much brewing on the offensive end either. Take it as a learning experience and move on.  Carlos Boozer is one of the best.  You have work to do before you are competing consistently with the likes of that bad boy.

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Positive signs for Raps in visit to Florida

“Winning isn’t everything” is the old adage, but in the case of the Raptors recent visit with former teammates Vince Carter and Chris Bosh, that expression couldn’t be more true.

The two games played in Orlando and Miami offered Raptor fans a glimpse of what this young Raptor team is made of.  Both contests were very competitive and the Raptors, owner of one of the worst records in the league, held their own against two of the best the association has to offer.

Here are some positive signs we saw from the Raptors this weekend.

The Kid is Alright

Demar Derozan is a player most fans want to become part of the future of this ball club.  He is fast, gets to the line and is developing a nice mid range game as well.  Over the weekend he played against some of the very best guards in the league and held his own on the offensive end.  There is no comparing Derozan to the likes of Wade, Carter and Lebron just yet, but he was no slouch in either of those matchups.

This may not be the kid the team ultimately builds around.  He doesn’t have the presence or skill level of a Kobe or a Lebron, but he is definitely cementing himself as one of the building blocks this team currently possess.

Demar Derozan is showing improvements to his game this season and is becoming the go-to guy on this years squad.


The best part of Derozan’s game this weekend, in Florida, was his ability to get to the line and the confidence his team is now showing in him.  Coach Triano is calling Derozan’s number a lot more than he did last year and that is a good thing if you are a Raptor fan.  Demar also got to the free throw line 12 times against Orlando and 11 times against the Heat.  This trend is very exciting if you are a Raptor fan.  Both because one of the most exciting high flyers in the game is taking the ball to the rim regularly and because it results in easy buckets for a team that has a hard time scoring them.

Derozan is a reason to get excited this season.

Triano is a Do-Something Person

Jay Triano has not been his typical Canadian self this year.  He is not afraid to call a spade a spade and occasionally call his players out.  Last week he called Sonny Weems out.  Triano criticized his shot selection and Sonny has responded.  Weems has been one of the best players on the court over the last week and is making the most of his shots (5 of 8 against Miami and 6 of 9 against Orlando).

Credit is due to Sonny, no doubt, but Triano wasn’t afraid to focus his young player and Sonny has responded with inspired play.  Sonny sees himself as a rotation player in the NBA and with his recent play so do I.  He is solid on the defensive end, something the Raptors have lacked over the last few years, and he is showing confidence and restraint on the offensive end.  When he plays in control, he can be a very effective tool for the Raps.

Fight, Fight, Fight

The Raptors are made up of a mix bag this year.  Players like Demar and Sonny might get burn off the bench on one of the top teams in the league, but David Anderson and Reggie Evans wouldn’t necessarily be one of your top options off the bench.

You cannot question their fight though, can you.

The Raptors have a group of young men who are not afraid to get dirty; not afraid to engage in battle against opponents who, on paper, are more impressive.  Orlando and Miami are very likely to be two of the teams left at the end of the season when the dust settles, the Raptors gave both teams all they could handle this weekend.

Andrea, Demar and Sonny have been the offensive force of this team.  Amir Johnson looked good, but needs to find a way to stay on the court.  Reggie was a big loss in Miami, but looks to be the energy of this team.  David Anderson, Joey Dorsey and Leandro Barbosa are providing meaningful minutes off the bench and Jack and Calderon are steady at the helm.

This is a team that may not win as many games as last year, but they are not going to ever be an easy W for an opposing team.

The Big Italian Awakens

Andrea Bargnani had two strong offensive games in Florida.  what may be even more important in the loss to Miami was the way he fought for boards ( he finished with 9 of them).  He was facing his former teammate (at least when Bosh was able to stay on the floor) and he held his own.  Bargnani has a deadly shot, this is something no one can deny, but his defensive game and his rebounding skills are what need serious work.  This is something the fans know, the coaches know, and it looks as though Bargnani is finally figuring it out as well.

The Raptors can add another building block to the puzzle if Andrea can strengthen his defensive game.


Being Prepared is half the battle.  This is something that Triano and his staff understand.  The Boys in red were ready to play Orlando and thy were ready to play Lebron, Wade and Bosh.  You could see the intensity from the get-go in Orlando and the game plan on attacking Chris Bosh worked to perfection.  This team is buying into what the coaches are selling and it is evident on the court.  Defensive energy is up and the team is sharing the ball on offense.  One of the best parts of not having a legitimate superstar is not having to get that superstar their share of the ball.  The team came in prepared for the tilts in Florida and they competed against the best as a result.


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