So what is there to say about that one?

That was ugly.  It was so ugly it was ooglie.

Unfortunately when you’re missing your best player, playing a tough team on the road and don’t bring your A game there are gonna be nights like tonight.

The Raptors, somehow, were able to hang with the Celtics until the half.

Then all heck broke loose and the Raptors were just beaten.  In every way possible, they were beaten.  Their shots didn’t fall, they lost rebounds, couldn’t defend, took bad fouls and could not get any momentum.

The veteran Celtics team smelled the blood in the water and finished the Raps early in the third.  The fourth was  almost unnecessay as the Raps were bested by the Celtics first, second and third units.

In the end the fans out there leading “Tank Nation” will be happy with the result, while others hoping to see, at least, some positive signs of progress will be disappointed with, what is now, the Raptors’ sixth straight loss.

Zan for Three

Panic Button?

So it is well documented in the Toronto media that Demar Derozan is not playing that well.  I’m sure he reads and hears about it more than he cares to right now.  Rightly or wrongly the worry and concern over the team has been focused squarely on him.

It was a long night at the office for the Raptors who were obliterated 96-73 in Boston.

Is it time to worry?

This could be a slump and something he needs to work through.  It could also be evidence that he isn’t ready to be a number one player on this team.

The season is still only starting and there is plenty of time for Demar to turn it arouind.  So, maybe we should hold off on all the doomsday talk for a little while and see how he battles through this.  

The true mark of a great player is how they respond to adversity.

Forbes Nation

I realize that the sample size is tiny, but I’m liking what I’m seeing from Gary Forbes in the last few games. Obviously it is hard to assess a guy that played well in a blow out, but he has looked good over the last little while shooting and handling the ball.  He is taking to the point position well so far and seems to be solid on both ends of the floor.

Tim Chisholm recently tweeted that he wasn’t sure whether Forbes was actually good or just looked good next to the rest of the Raptor team.  That is a fair comment, as the team certainly isn’t setting the world on fire, but I think Forbes has some talent.  He is fast and provides coach Casey with a number of different options. 

He is creative, can shoot the ball and is able to get to the rim with his speed.

Definitely a player to keep an eye on.


So where does this Celtic team stack up in the East? Obviously they are not the beasts they once were, but still possess major stars in Rondo, Allen, Garnett, and Paul Pierce.  All these players are significantly older and their once strong bench has been depleted by trades.

Are these guys for real?

Sure they can beat up on Toronto, but can they handle the Heat? Can they match up against Chicago?  Are they a serious threat to compete for a championship or even for a top 4 seed in the Eastern Conference?

Are they a team to fear?

A few years ago this was something that wasn’t a question, now it’s debatable, but in the end they are a far cry from what they once were.

Zan of the Night

Aaron Gray

Welcome Back to the Show! Extended minutes that showed hustle and a desire to win.  I liked the fight he had in him tonight, despite the fact that he was coming in cold and hadn’t played competitively since the summer.  Glad to see him finally haelthy enough to play.  Welcome to Toronto Aaron!

Not Zan of the Game

Everyone who had the misfortune of watching that debacle.  Honestly, one of the worst I can remember in recent memory.  Thank goodness this shortened NBA season has a quick turnaround most nights.  The Raptors are back at it on Friday against Portland.  May our memories be short.


Kristoffer Pedlar

The Zan Tabak Herald


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