Raptors Beat Wizards In Biggest Win Of The Season

Jarret Jack proved to be effective last night against the Wiz. Providing defense on Arenas and coming up with a big steal in overtime.

If you don’t like that, you don’t like basketball. In what was the biggest and most exciting game of the season yet, the Raptors held off the Wiz with a gritty and character building performance.  After getting smoked by Atlanta two nights before, a win like this was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Zan for Three

The Rookie Grows

Let’s hear it for the kid, and lets enjoy the silence of everyone who said they should take him out of the starting lineup. DeRozan was great tonight. 14 points in the first half, 16 points overall, with limited minutes in the second half.  His progress is an important one for this Raptor team. Let’s face it, we’re not going to win the title this year, so his growth should be seen as a high priority. And he’ll grow the most in that starting 2 spot.

Mr. Fourth Quarter Overtime.

Turkoglu hasn’t lived up to his clutch performance reputation this season. In fact, even in this game, he missed the final shot to win the game. Well, maybe he’s not Mr. Fourth quarter, maybe he’s Mr. Overtime.  Scoring the final six points for the Raptors to finish the game, including a ridiculous fade away J with 2 second left on the shot clock. He was big tonight.

With the 4th pick in the 1998 NBA draft…

Watching Antawn tonight I found myself realizing he’s had a better career than Vince Carter. Not to mention he’s a better player today. When Glen Grunwald drafted him some 12 years ago I never thought I’d say I wish we kept him. Not that VC didn’t do his fair share for this organization, but Antawn would be a great player on this Raptor team today.  He’s a hard working, class act. And one heck of an NBA player.

Zan of the Night

Chris Bosh

He put the team on his back in the fourth quarter. It was nice to see. He was clutch for us, something  that’s been a question mark in his game since he became the team’s leader.

Not Zan of the Night

Gilbert Arenas

Don’t get me wrong, he played great tonight. But he missed a wide open layup to lose the game. That’s gotta sting.

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2 responses to “Raptors Beat Wizards In Biggest Win Of The Season

  1. OwnUp

    re: But he missed a wide open layup to lose the game.

    Let’s give all the credit to Amir Johnson for his “trickery” when defending him:

    “It’s just one of those dumb moves that I tried to do when I thought the defender was actually going to try to jump, and he pulled the chair out on me,” said Arenas, who finished with a season-high 34 points. “I was going try to use the contact to push me back to the rim but he didn’t jump so I was off-balance.”
    “I was just trying to outthink him, but he outthought me,” Arenas said.

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